Montanita, Ecuador

The first time I mentioned Montañita to one of my local friends he gave a suggestive smirk and said, ahh, Montañita. Little did I know his reaction was perfectly justified as this small town was where any tourist who wants to party would head to. Montañita is unlike any city in Ecuador, in fact it looks nothing like Ecuador. It is a coastal, tiki style paradise. Talk about your mini Hawaiian beach town on the coast of Ecuador.
Arriving there, I absolutely loved it. The first time I visited this town was with my grandparents, who had their vacation in Ecuador and joined up with me to travel together for a couple of weeks. I had just spent the past month or so in a cold, windy place. A sunny, perfectly humid beach town was exactly what my body needed. Not to mention cocktail alley, (yes it’s a thing) which mixed quite perfectly relaxing on the beach. Personally, I would say this place is not exactly kid friendly at night as it’s pretty much just beach, booze, and the apparent leniency on marijuana. The street food was the best. Cheap and delicious burgers, fries, burritos, and more.

The night life lived up to its reputation, even during the week days at famous clubs like the Lost Beach and Alcatraz as well as less known ones like Hola Ola. Every club or bar is centrally located and easily found, just follow the noise!

Montañita is not only about the nightlife, but also offers a variety of activities during the day, (assuming you can move from the the sandy beach and hot sun as I could not.) They offer surf lessons as well as surfboard rentals to go shred the waves. For the easier fun, they offer boogie board rentals as well. All you have to do is walk a few steps and boom, there is a company or booth that offers something fun to do.


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