First days in Bangkok, Thailand 2016

After visiting my now fiancé for 19 days in Cyprus, it was time for me to say goodbye and start my travels to Southeast Asia.  I flew through Qatar airways which was a great airline for a great price.  I received breakfast, lunch and dinner for free. Food is love, food is life.

I landed in Bangkok, Thailand around noon and took a taxi for about 450 baht to my hostel near Khao San Road called Nap Park which was a clean place with a good atmosphere of people.  The amazing thing about traveling solo is how many people you meet and how quickly it becomes like you have known them your whole life because everyone here all has similar goals… To learn new things, meet new people, and experience new places.
Right now, late October 2016, I am witnessing history.  Sadly, the Thai King passed away a few days before I arrived, and the entire country is in a 30 mourning period.  Usually, Thailand is seen as a great place to party for travelers and locals alike, but the entire country has completely transformed in the last days.  Walking the streets, almost every single Thai person is wearing black out of respect for their beloved King.  Many travelers are getting out of Thailand because of what is happening but I find it absolutely incredible and lucky I get to experience this part of the Thai culture.  This is the kind of atmosphere I will never experience again, seeing an entire country so unified and full of the utmost respect.  When I visit again, as I know I will, it will be such an entirely different atmosphere compared to this unpredictable one as of now.

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