Phuket, I am in Thailand

At this point in my travels, I am very ready to move on from Southern Thailand to see the North.  I have a flight on the 8th of November from Phuket, so until then, I just was trying to pass the time.  I decided to spend 5 days in Phuket, instead of trying to fit in another city into my schedule, so I could chill out on the beach. As nice as a thought as it was, it quickly passed when I actually got of the boat into Phuket town.  Immediately I was rushed onto a bus and sent to my hotel, Karon Living Room, near Karon Beach.  I opted out of staying in Patong, supposedly the backpacker and young tourist haven, in hopes of a quieter, more laid back setting.  What I came to find was a tourist filled madhouse.  The mile long beach was crawling with people, and there were tourist shops on every corner.

What I have learned about traveling is I either love people, or cannot stand them.  The atmosphere around here was focused on the individual.  Other tourists were unfriendly on the streets, and if I had a nickel for every time i heard, “Hello, massage?”  I would have at least 100 nickels.

Minus all the negativity I am spewing, I remembered wherever you are at, you make the atmosphere.  So I sucked up and bucked up and started to enjoy my days.  I am in Thailand, damn it!  I walked around looking for food and always went back to the delicious fried ice cream, which, i might add, was the BEST ice cream I have ever had in my life.

I had a lot of alone time while I was here, and I realized something.  You absolutely learn and discover more about yourself than ever before, but you also start to learn about people in general, as your intuition really starts to kick in when there are no outside distractions.  People can be so happy.  People can be so angry.  People can be so… weird.

After a healthy amount of me time, the next day I met a couple of guys and we took a taxi for the 600 baht both ways to the Karon Viewpoint.  I was under the impression it would be a nice, exhilarating hike to the top, but we found that it was, again, crowded with tourists and the way to the top was a taxi ride.  The top view really was beautiful, however, and worth the money to see some beauty.

Later, we sat on the beach with some chips and beers and watched the absolutely stunning sky as the clouds passed and the sun began to set.  We got the chance to hold an adorable little animal we later found out was a slow loris, cute, but poisonous AND venomous.  Sometimes cute can be deadly, but luckily its nibbling was nothing more than a nibble, and not a bite causing paralysis… Yay!



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